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Lubrifiantii moderni fluizi acoperă astăzi un spectru extrem de larg. Ei sunt "elixir" pentru fiecare mașină. In timp ce, în trecut au fost folosite uleiuri minerale in cea mai mare parte, astăzi, în aproape toate Aplicatiile-High-Tech se folosesc lubrifianti sintetice fluizi. Noua producție și procesele de fabricație, utilizarea masinilor la capacitate mai mare, a dus la reducerea de timp și de personal, a resurselor în întreținere și servicii, au promovat dezvoltarea de mai multi și mai specializati lubrifianți.

Amplu program de lubrifianti fluizi de FUCHS LUBRITECH oferă cea mai largă gamă de produse pentru a fi utilizate o viață și de uleiuri total loss. În afară de fluidele tradiționale, bazate pe uleiuri minerale, există o gamă completă de fluide sintetice disponibile, de exemplu, pentru utilizarea în aplicații de temperatură înaltă și joasă, în industria alimentară și în zonele în care constrângerile de mediu trebuie să fie abordate.

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We set standards not only with our high-performance products, but also with our exceptional service! This includes providing advice on how to optimise the use of food grade lubricants taking into account stringent QA management procedures in order to avoid food con- tamination (in accordance with HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), examination of used lubricants, development of lubrication and maintenance schedules, support in changing lubricants, active support for practical testing, careful documentation of all measures, and much more.

Finding comprehensive, sustainable, and safe solutions for all tribological issues arising from our customers’ requirements and their applications is our declared aspiration, standard, and goal. Customer seminars and training sessions held globally complete our service programme. With its competent technical advice and widespread sales network, our global Food Division team supports you in your production and processing activities to ensure that you will always achieve optimal results.

The production of food grade lubricants has been one of the core competencies of FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH for decades.After adding the new CASSIDA product portfolion to our production programme, we now offer what apears to be the most comprehensive range of lubricants for all application domains in the food and beverage industries as well as related fields of appllcation.FUCHS LUBRITECH, headquartered in Kaiserslautern(Germany), is an idependent unit with rots in FUCHS PETROLUB AG, the largest independent manufacturer of lubricants worldwide.

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The FUCHS WINDPOWER DIVISION offers a broad product portfolio of special lubricants for all wind power applications. Many approvals of turbine, gearbox and bearing manufacturers as well as suppliers of filtering systems prove the high performance and quality of our products.

The FUCHS WINDPOWER DIVISION offers a broad product portfolio of special lubricants for all wind power applications. Many approvals of turbine, gearbox and bearing manufacturers as well as suppliers of filtering systems prove the high performance and quality of our products.

Further specialities for drive technology in wind power plants
RENOLIN MR 90: Special running-in, corrosion protection and test rig oil; excellent cleaning and flushing properties, high corrosion protection, very good wear protection.

RENOLIN CLP VCI gear oil: New EP-gear oil with excellent corrosion protection properties; special developed VCI-components (VCI = Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) for safe storage and transport of machines and components; machine elements and gears are protected against corrosion also in the vapour phase without direct contact of the oil with the metal surface.
RENOLIN HighGear Synth gear oil: Industrial gear oil newest additive technology based on polyalphaolefin (PAO); Plastic deformation (PD) technology; for predamaged gear sets and „critical applications“.

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NOWADAYS IN MANY TECHNICAL AREAS, biologically degradable lubricants make an important contribution by providing the best possible method of dealing with friction points while at the same time providing the greatest possible degree of protection to the environment.
The purposeful use of a traditional lubricant already benefits the environment by lessening friction, reducing noise and wear and saving energy. If, however, one introduces efficient, environmentally harmless lubricants, there is also a visible reduction in the adverse effects upon water, air and soil. Some statistics on the subject: the global consumption of lubricants amounts to about 37 million tonnes, of which about 1.2 million are in Germany alone.

The proportion of pure loss lubricants amounts to circa 40,000 tonnes. As far as the diverse, environmentally sensitive lubrication points on switches, rails and wheel flanges are concerned, estimates for the total requirement in Germany start from well over a thousand tonnes per year. However, it is decisive for the use of environmentally harmless lubricants that they must be at least of the same quality than conventionally based lubricants, so that the benefit of biodegradability is not achieved at the expense of technical performance. In this case a higher dose would have to compensate, which would again not be beneficial for the environment.

Environmentally harmless lubricants from FUCHS LUBRITECH are therefore not compromises, but are trimmed to optimal performance right from the very beginning. Good biodegradability is an additional plus. For more than three decades FUCHS LUBRITECH has devoted itself to the development of biodegradable lubricants. From early on fully synthetic base oils, which from the point of view of efficiency are clearly superior to the native products, took centre stage in this. For it is precisely in such highly sensitive applications such as the lubrication of rails and switches that the technical efficiency must not lag behind the environmental compatibility. The result of ambitious development work: an elaborate programme of special lubricants for all areas of wheel-rail contact. Included in this are universally applicable wheel flange lubricants as well as lubricants for the rail flanks, designed for use with special application techniques, or longterm lubricants for effective switch lubrication.

But the development continues. In this one thing is certain every time: working closely with international customers the specialists at FUCHS LUBRITECH will in future continue to bring high tech lubricants to the rails.

OF COURSE THE LUBRICANTS for the various types of wheel-rail contact take up a particularly important position in rail transport. Malfunctions of the lubricant can affect safety. For this reason, the highest quality demands are set on these lubricants and their manufacturers. However there are a great deal of other lubrication points on railroad vehicles, where the use of special lubricants quickly pays off.

The following overview shows some of these application fields and states the appropriate FUCHS LUBRITECH special agent for the purpose.

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